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Tree Trimming Experts in CT

AM PM Tree Service offers expert local tree trimming in your area of CT. Our team of experienced, licensed and insured, skilled, and proven tree care professionals will solve your tree trimming needs, large or small. We have the necessary equipment and know how to trim any tree on your property. So all us today for a free evaluation and estimate.

Most importantly, with the right CT tree trimming service, you can promote the growth of a healthier tree, and to treat any possible problems.  One reason trees are trimmed is for aesthetics.  Another reason is for the tree’s health. Either way, you can depend on the Tree Trimming CT experts at AM PM Tree Care to bring your trees the care they need.

Aesthetic Tree Trimming Service

If you want to keep your trees and home looking their best, aesthetic tree trimming service provides you with the care your trees need. Our experts will trim your trees in a way that promotes their long term health, while keeping your tree’s appearance beautiful as you expect. When selecting a Tree Trimming service in CT, rest assured that you can expect the highest quality of workmanship, knowledge, and experience from us in the Middlesex, New London, New Haven, Hartford, and Tolland County in Connecticut. Whatever your tree trimming needs are, we have the know how to keep your trees looking wonderful and healthy.

Difference Between Tree Trimming & Pruning

The difference between getting tree trimming and pruning can create some confusion. Tree trimming allows you to manage the foliage and canopy of the tree. With trimming, you are removing dead, dying, or diseased branches from a tree. If a tree limb dies it will eventually fall causing a hazard.

Whereas tree pruning is for managing the branches and boughs. In addition to removing hazardous branches from a tree, certain branches are removed to enhance healthy growth. For example, if a tree has a big lopsided branch that’s causing the entire tree shift and bend.


Healthier Trees

Weight Subtraction

Maintaining a stable weight for your branches is the one of the most common needs for tree trimming. This is accomplished by thinning the branches, to keep their weight at a good level. When branches and boughs overgrow their foliage, it places extra stress onto the limb supports that can lead to damage. Rain water collection or high winds can create more weight stress which can lead to branches breaking and more. As a result, branch trimming improves these conditions, while maintaining the beauty of your trees.

Canopy Treatment

Your tree’s canopy may require attention for several reasons. Canopies are lowered to avoid height ordinances, growth into power lines, or vista trimming providing better visibility. We avoid unhealthy practices such as tree topping, and  perform the job in a safe and healthy manner.

Growth Support

Effective trimming of your trees results in long-term healthy growth.  Also, reducing a tree’s expansion improves distribution of nutrients improving the tree’s nourishment.

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Tree Trimming Cost

Tree trimming cost can vary as every tree service project has its own set of characteristics, objectives, problems, and solutions. Consequently, a final estimate requires a visit to your property to thoroughly evaluate the tree service project.  But, in some cases, if it is a simple project, we may be able to provide you with a rough estimate over the phone.

We pride ourselves on providing honest and affordable quotes for any tree service.  Therefore, we will send a tree expert to your property to evaluate and recommend the proper course of action for your tree project.  In addition, we will always make sure that we understand what your specific goals and objectives are.

So call us at (860) 961-2825 to schedule a free estimate and one of our tree experts will assess your tree care project.

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AM PM offers licensed tree trimmers near you. We have the experience, licenses, skills, and equipment to provide you with expert tree care solutions in Connecticut. We have been providing expert home improvement services including tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding and removal, tree mulching, and tree assessment in Connecticut for over 30 years, and are a BBB A+ Rated Home Improvement Company. In addition, we have excellent customers reviews and ratings.

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