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Emergency Tree Removal, CT

AM PM Tree Service offers expert emergency tree removal in your area of CT.  Our team of experienced, licensed and insured, skilled, and proven tree care professionals will solve your emergency tree problems, large or small. We have the necessary equipment and know how to remove any tree on your property.  So call us today for a free evaluation and estimate and we will your problems fixed!

We are a local Connecticut emergency tree service company. We provide emergency tree removal in Middlesex, New Haven, New London, Hartford, and Tolland County, CT.

FAST RESPONSE Emergency Tree Service CT

When you contact for emergency tree service in CT, we make certain you are our first priority. Our team will respond quickly.  We will arrive rapidly and begin working to remove any hazardous trees.  We’re here to help!

We are available for emergency tree removal in CT 7 days a week 365 days a year. Our team of tree removal experts will promptly provide you with an assessment of the situation, and the best recommended course of action. We work around the clock removing trees and cutting tree branches from your property after a storm.  Storms in Connecticut can be severe in the summer and winter months.  We promise a FAST RESPONSE.  If we cannot be there immediately, we will schedule you as soon as possible.

Certainly, in a perfect world, any tree removal is expected and planned for ahead of time.  So we can perform periodic inspections alerting you to any diseased, dying, or branch breaks that could cause an accident.

But as we all know, emergencies do happen, and this applies to tree removal as well.  Severe weather can cause trees to fall, become structurally unstable with damaged branches, or partially uprooted.  If you have a tree fall unexpectedly, this can cause damage to your roof, siding, vehicles, or other structures.  Consequently, this is an emergency situation requiring that we remove the trees immediately.  Sometimes, tree removal is the only option, particularly when safety is concerned.  In short, a tree whose  structure or roots have been compromised poses hazards that are not worth the risk.

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What is a Tree Emergency?

Sometimes it’s not completely clear to a property owner, what we would consider a tree emergency.  For example, you may only consider it a tree emergency when a tree falls on your house due to a storm or natural event.  However, when we inspect a tree, we can see warning signs about potential hazards.  As a result, when we observe these clues, we will enact preventative measures stopping emergency situations before they happen.

AM PM Tree Service can rectify the following problems allowing you to avoid an emergency scenario:

  • Fallen Trees Causing Damage:  Trees that are aged, overgrown, or have been living in tough environmental conditions.  This causes branches and other parts to become weakened, making them more vulnerable to breaking off and falling on your home, other structures, vehicles.  Above all, hopefully not your family or pets.
  • Leaning Trees:  Certainly, you should be on the lookout for trees that have branches that are leaning.  For instance, trees can collapse because they have outgrown their ability to support their own weight.  Observe where the tree is leaning, and if there are vehicles, patios, or other structures or objects beneath this area.
  • Old or Diseased Trees:  Meanwhile, trees can have hidden dangers inside that are not visible to the eye. They can appear to be beautiful, but if they are diseased, have rot building, or are old and weak, they have an increased chance of collapsing.
emergency tree removal ct

Our Tree Removal Process

  1. Firstly, we will perform a complete assessment of the situation and determine the best course of action. Safety for your home and yard is our number one priority, and will be certain to take every precaution to avoid any additional damage to your property.  Most importantly, a homeowner should never attempt to move or repair a damaged or fallen tree as a do-it-yourself project. Hiring a professional tree service company is the best and safest choice our can make.
  2. Secondly, our team of tree removal experts will pull the tree up and off house, car, or other structures.  If  a trees falls on your home, vehicles, or other structures, these are the number one situation we need to solve.  Sometimes we can save a tree if they still have structural integrity and the roots are unaffected. Usually, tree damage is caused by wind, snow or rain storms. Other times more severe weather like a hurricane can cause the damage. The damage can range from fallen branches, split trunks, or completely felled trees.
  3. Thirdly, after we have taken care of the emergency situation, we begin our cleanup and repair process. We will inspect all trees to make certain they are structurally sound, and if any other hazards exist.  Your damaged trees do not always require  removal.  Sometimes we can perform tree trimming, bracing, or other services to let the tree recover and continue living as a healthy tree.
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Emergency Tree Removal Cost, CT

Emergency tree removal cost varies as each tree care project has its own set of characteristics, objectives, problems, and solutions. Consequently, a final estimate requires that we visit your property to thoroughly evaluate the tree service project. But, in some cases, if it is a simple project, we may be able to provide you with a rough estimate over the phone.

We pride ourselves on providing honest and affordable quotes for any emergency tree service.  Therefore, we will send a tree expert to your property to evaluate and recommend the proper course of action for your tree project. In addition, we will always make sure that we understand what your specific goals and objectives are.

Factors determining emergency tree removal costs

  • Accessibility and complexity of job.  We often need to be cut trees apart sections at a time to prevent falling entire tree sections onto the property, structures, or streets.  The tree’s location, and how much space is available to work on removing the tree?  Things such as power lines, fences, and other buildings come into play.
  • Specialized equipment.  Normally, we need to use specialized equipment.  This includes aerial lifts or cranes allowing us to access the tree safely.  This equipment is expensive and needs to be maintained.
  • Height range.  The tree’s height can affect the removal cost.  Most tree companies have three categories for height: small (less than 30 feet), medium (30 to 60 feet), and tall (60 feet plus).
  • Tree condition.  Is the tree healthy, diseased, or dying? The diameter of the tree is also a factor.
  • Tree species. Various species of trees have their own characteristics regarding height, complexity of trunk systems, number of limbs and density. Some species of trees are protected by municipalities and states for preservation purposes, so you may need to obtain additional permits and approvals.
  • Cleanup and removal. Cleanup, stump grinding and removal, wood chipping are other costs involved with a tree removal job.

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AM PM offers licensed emergency tree service near you. We have the experience, licenses, skills, and equipment to provide you with expert tree care solutions in Connecticut. We have been providing expert home improvement services including tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding and removal, tree chipping and brush removal in Connecticut for over 30 years, and are a BBB A+ Rated Company.  In addition, we have excellent customers reviews and ratings.

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